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Project Management


When it comes to building property, competent project management can help you save a lot of money. Cost efficiency is essential just as a smooth operation that reduces error and risks. You need the assurance that your project is delivered without any unpleasant surprises in store for you. BME Group Building & Facilities Management is here to provide our clients with highly experienced project managers to help identify opportunities in developing and providing the best strategy to reduce costs and ensure that the property is completed in a satisfactory manner, keeping to the high standards.

We get to know you and your property to understand your objectives. Once we have a thorough understanding, we use our knowledge and experience to align property with your budget. We use tried and true methods in project management, ensuring that your project is delivered on time and within budget, achieving excellent results.

Our project managers are exceptional in their trade and include architects, engineers, accredited assessors and designers. Our managers are experienced with extensive backgrounds in construction and take their experience and knowledge to add strategic value at each stage of the project.

Building Defects Management

We provide our clients excellence in:

Project Management for Residential Properties

Residential projects vary in that they require an intricate construction process. Much is involved. Planning with architects, meeting with builders, and coordinating with local councils. It is essential that throughout the entire stage of construction each aspect of the process is understood and supervised for optimal results. Our Surveyors have the experience and knowledge to handle all size residential projects. We provide teams that are dedicated to your project to ensure that each step of the project is accurately planned, organised, and controlled for cost-effectiveness and efficiency. BME Group Building & Facilities Management provides exceptional project management services for residential properties.

There are many stages in a development process. Development applications are necessary, certifications need to be obtained, and negotiations with contractors need to be started. The process is one that is complicated and requires experience. Our Surveyors have the experience to get things done correctly, so that your project starts off, and finishes correctly. We keep our clients informed through all progress, including any issues that crop up at different stages of the

We provide initial consultations and local councils planning, development applications submission, construction certificates and compliance certificate applications, contract negotiations, construction supervision, documentation lodgement with relevant government departments and reporting on the status of the project.

We know the importance of our jobs as surveyors, and that our clients rely on our experience and expertise to accurately oversee their projects. We ensure that all aspects of your project are completed in a timely and affordable manner.

Our job is to handle your residential project.

Every building needs a professional management team with your interests at heart

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