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Pre-Settlement Handover


Pre-Settlement Inspections to Know What You’re Buying

BME Group Building & Facilities Management provides local, interstate and international investors with pre-settlement inspections for homes, apartments and building complexes. Knowing what you are buying, and having your rights protected are why we are here to provide pre-settlement handover services.

Our quality inspectors are qualified with a great deal of construction experience and knowledge under their belts, to look further than the shiny new construction of the building and grounds. With a keen eye for details, they spot any defects or issues that the average “eye,” as well as the average “Joe” would miss. Our staff also liaise with the developer/builder on behalf of the property buyer to ensure that all issues and errors are resolved and that our clients get the full value of
what they pay for.

What Is A Pre-Settlement Inspection?

A pre-settlement inspection, also called a handover inspection, is typically included as a contract condition and serves the purpose of confirming that the property purchased is up to the standard that it was advertised, disclosed as, and agreed to be. A pre-settlement inspection is essential for buyers that have purchased property off the plan and not been capable of physically inspecting the property when signing the contract. The handover inspection is recommended should be completed before the settlement date.

What to Look For?

The handover inspection is also an excellent time to discuss the guaranteed period offered with most new builds. Property buyers will need to know who to contact if issues and problems occur. This should be discussed during the handover inspection.

Pre-settlement Handover

Before you purchase a property, it is essential to ensure that you have everything covered before putting down real money on the property. Investments need to be protected, and issues and possible problems that are not addressed can be costly. A handover inspection is designed to ensure that property owners are buying what they pay for.

A pre-settlement inspection avoids possible disaster and expense. The inspection verifies that there are no defects, issues, or problems, or addresses any defects, issues, or problems. It is essential to have a company that you can trust.

BME Building Group Management is a trusted management company that provides comprehensive and thorough presettlement inspections. We lead the industry with experience and knowledge, providing detailed service to ensure that all issues are addressed. Our knowledge and tools are the first-rates, using the latest technologies to ensure that we provide the competitive edge. With us, you will get an all-inclusive pre-settlement handover inspection that will protect your investment, minimising the risk of future complications or expenses as a result of negligence.

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