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Energy Audit Reviews


Reducing energy costs for your building will help you save quite a lot in the long run. BME Group Building & Facilities Management provides energy audits for residential & commercial properties, helping investors save money by saving energy. Each of our energy audits is performed by an energy consultant with the qualifications that make a difference in identifying energy wastage and energy savings options. We help reduce your energy usage and costs by identifying costeffective, practical solutions for the same.

Energy Audits – What It Involves

Step 1

We analyse your energy usage and costs.

Step 2

We check all energy tariffs to ensure that you have the most cost-efficient energy provider.

Step 3

We identify energy wastage and provide and implement options to reduce energy consumption & cut down expenses.

BME energy audits include assessment of all common area equipment and central building services. Apartment energy audit equipment assessments typically include:

Electricity Audit – What to Expect

Regular energy audits can help save anywhere from 15 to 30 percent in average energy usage and costs, with a payback of under two years. It is not uncommon for energy audits to pay for themselves through the identification of discrepancies in billing and options of better tariffs. Typically, our audits identify ways to reduce energy usage and costs by more than 20 percent.

Apartment Building Energy Audit

Apartment building energy audits assess common areas to identify wastage and options to reduce energy usage and costs. Apartment building energy audits do not assess individual apartments, commercial lots or retail.

How Much Does an Electricity Audit Cost?

In many cases, an energy audit will pay for itself. When you find viable ways to conserve energy with regular energy audits, you get greater returns by way of reduced energy bills. The costs of the energy audits will vary depending on different factors like the size and complexity of the site. As a general rule of thumb, an energy audit should cost about 10 percent of your annual electricity costs.

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