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Defect Management


BME Group offers effective defect management. We provide our clients with a defect process that is well-developed, or we can effectively work with your process for a state-of-the-art defect process that is superior in reducing complaints and cost and providing a customer experience that is second to none.

Building Defects Management

Issues need to be addressed, time needs to be minimised. BME Group understands the needs of building owners and managers and eliminates the complexity of defect management with a simplicity that is most effective. With our building management system, any issues that need to be addressed can be easily logged into our system, so they are organised and promptly addressed for fast results.


We will identify each issue, log it into our system and ensure that all the issues are taken care of in the quickest and most efficient manner. From water proofing to wall cracks and roof leaks, defects are promptly identified, and builders notified. Structural or technical defects are better handled when immediately spotted. And that’s just what we do. We are proactive with our approach, resolving issues before they have a chance to become bigger or more complicated.

Common Area

While the builder is on the site, and before the handover period, we will begin to compile a running spreadsheet of visual defects. With defects being quickly addressed, most are closed off before the handover.

With our system, progress is timely. Working with the Builder to address items is less complicated and a more streamlined way of handling defects, resulting in less chance of owners or Strata Managers seeking legal representation.

Defective Appliances

In case of defective appliances, the manufacturer will be contact directly. Defective appliances are a more common issue that you might think, so having a defect management personnel or team looking into this is highly advisable.

BME Group Building Management

BME Group Building Management delivers an outstanding defect management system. With the effectiveness and ease of our defect process, issues are quickly addressed and resolved, and little time is wasted.

Poor supervision can lead to expensive fixes in the future. Having a qualified and well experienced property management team by your side will help you be on top of the game, knowing exactly what needs fixing and getting it done before the handover process. We are an experienced leader in the industry, working closely with our clients to ensure that all areas of their building and business have the attention for superior results.

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