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Building & Facilities Management


BME Group provides property owners with first-rate building & facility management services. We offer customised packages to meet the specific needs of our clients to ensure that all areas of their properties are appropriately cared for and managed. We provide building and facility management for large and small properties, as well as environmentally sustainable solutions.

We know the importance of the services we provide, and our team works hard to give our clients unparalleled services. Our services are a mixture of tried and tested processes as well as innovative methods to provide expert solutions. Each of our services are completed with the knowledge and experience to deliver excellence.

We specialise in managing complex strata schemes & communities as we have 15+ years’ experience in managing Community Associations, BMC’s (Building Management Committees) & multiple Strata Plan Schemes.

Our expertise includes, but is not limited to:

We provide Building & Facility Management services for a range of segments, providing the experience, tools and knowledge to manage properties exceptionally. We are dedicated to the quality of services we provide, knowing that we cannot maximise our clients return on investment without offering them the very best of services and resources.

Building Management

BME Group designs services for our clients with the understanding and experienced in today’s business and buildings. Challenges, changing requirements, budgets, energy costs, etc. require the right approach and innovation for efficient and functional operation. We are here with the experience and knowledge to meet your needs.

  • Multifamily apartments
  • Apartment complexes
  • Commercial office complexes

Facilities Management

Capital Works & Long-Term Maintenance Management

We identify all facility assets that require routine maintenance, tendering contracts that comply with critical systems legal obligations & supporting the owners. We provide facility management that ensures that property is efficient and functioning, reducing risk and providing a healthy, well cared for environment.

Whatever the business, your Building & Facility Manager needs to have current experience in the industry. BME Group provides the expertise in all aspects of Building & Facility Management. We are a management group that is can assist you at every stage of a building’s life cycle – from the inception, which is the building process to the management of the property once construction is complete. We develop lasting relationships with our clients, ensuring that their properties are managed in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Our team is a team of professionals that are dedicated to the high performance of our clients’ properties. We provide solutions that are exceptional and cost efficient for our clients.

BME Group is qualified to meet the demands of your properties with ease.

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We provide information on our services over the phone, and online. We also schedule in-building & facility assessments and audits to design packages specific to our clients’ needs. For more information on our services, please contact us at the number below.

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